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Discovery Flights

Have you ever looked up and wondered what it would be like to fly one of the jets that streak the sky?

Ever dream of sitting at the controls of an airplane, free to go where and when you please?

The reality of becoming a pilot is simpler than you might think. At North-Aire, we make it easy for you to learn to fly and earn your Private or even a Commercial Pilot’s Certification.

If you’re still unsure that the freedom of flying is for you, then do yourself a favor and stop by for a 1/2 hour Discovery Flight. A Discovery Flight is only $120 and your chance to witness what it’s like, learning to fly.

During the 30 minute Discovery Flight

Gift Certificates

Discovery Flights make great gifts for any occasion, too! Do you know someone who would enjoy the gift of flight?

You can gift a Discovery Flight to someone you know who has always dreamed of taking to the sky or even gift a block of flight time to a special student or renter. Maybe they've always wanted to fly and they just need an introduction to flying a small aircraft to give them that extra push to become a pilot.