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Cost of Flight Training

One of the most important aspect of becoming a pilot is the cost of flight training. While cost is extremely important, ensuring you receive the best training for your money is primordial.

The table below shows an estimate of the total cost of flight training as of July 2016. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  Flight Training Cost* Additional Services Cost** Total Flight Hours
Private Pilot License $12K to $14K $1.5K 45 to 50 in Cessna 172
Instrument Rating $9K to $11K $1.5K 25 to 30 in Cessna 172
Commercial Pilot (SEL***) $23K to $25K $1.5K 70 to 75 in Cessna 172
35-40 in Cessna 182RG
Multiengine Add-on Rating $8K to $10K $800 15 to 20 in Cessna 310
Certified Flight Instructor $9K to $11K $1,200 30 to 35 in Cessna 182RG
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument $4.5K to $5.5K $700 15 to 20 in Cessna 172

* Flight Training includes all flight and simulator time as well as all instruction hours (ground, pre/post briefing, dual).

** Additional services include FAA examiner fees, lab supplies, FAA Medical exams, FAA knowledge tests and for international students, it includes visa and TSA fees. All costs are approximate.

*** Single Engine Land

What is the best value for the number of hours?

We don't give quotes based on course minimums. Not every pilot will complete their course at the same time, so our prices are always based on an average. The last thing we want is for a student to walk away with unexpected overfly bills they can't afford. We give you a number that helps you come up with a better estimate. Don’t forget to ask how much it will cost for each extra hours. If the school tells you that all students finish within the course minimum times, run.

How long will it take me to complete my license?

Beware of schools promising a license in a few weeks. Although accelerated training is possible, this has been North-Aire’s specialty for over 40 years, remember that housing and food cost extra if you have to extend your training.

Ask the flight school if they include weather cancellations in the projected completion time? How about maintenance cancellations? Our experience has allowed us to design curriculum that make sense and that are realistic.

How many times a week can I fly?

The equation is simple: The more often you fly, the more you will retain, the faster your training will be, the less you will repeat lessons, the cheaper the training.

We recommend flying at least 2 or 3 times per week to ensure continuity in training and to increase your chances of success. If the school tells you that you can only fly once a week, you might want to look elsewhere. We hear horror story often of students who only get to fly once or twice a month! This is not an efficient way of doing training…

Our students fly at least twice or three times per week. Some fly every day.

We create custom courses based on your availability and expectations.